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AMD “Computer and Graphics” Segment Records Highest Quarterly Revenue Yet in Q3 2021 – $2.4B

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is one of the most recognizable names in gaming when it comes to hardware companies. AMD’s high-performance graphics technologies are the standard-bearer when it comes to gaming and has benefited greatly from the rapid rise of the industry. According to data presented by, AMD’s “Computing and Graphics” segment recorded its largest quarterly revenue yet in Q3 2021 after experiencing a 9.5% quarterly CAGR since Q3 2020—$2.4B.

AMD Records Almost 10% CAGR in 12 Months From Q3 2020- Q3 2021

AMD is a household name among gamers with their hardware products considered as top of the line and is in competition with other tech giants such as Intel. AMD benefitted from the boost in engagement the gaming industry experienced in 2020, but has clearly carried over the momentum into 2021. In Q3 2021, AMD recorded its largest ever quarterly revenue to date from the “Computer and Graphics” segment—$2.4B.

Q3 2021’s revenue also marks the 3rd consecutive quarter that AMD breached the $2B revenue mark and the 5h consecutive quarter to experience growth. From the period of Q3 2020—Q3 2021 AMD’s Computer and Graphics segment experienced a rosy Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.5%.

AMD’s Net Income Close to $1B in Q3 2021; Overall Quarterly Revenue Breaches $4B Mark For 1st Time

In Q3 2021 AMD also registered its highest quarterly net income since 2020 amounting to $923M. This figure is a 137% increase from Q3 2020s net income. Total revenue for AMD also crossed an important milestone as it breached the $4B mark for the first time after generating in Q3 2021. AMD’s total quarterly revenue experienced double-digit CAGR growth of 11.4% within the one period from q3 2020 and Q3 2021.

Robert Pascal, editor at, commented:

“AMD’s place in gaming was further solidified in 2020 when engagement spiked and even casual gamers were exposed to the brand. The company has done well in recent years to position itself as one of the premier names in gaming.”

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