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Deep Learning Revenues to Rise by 1,400% – Why This Could One Day Make Tesla the World’s Largest Company, and Where the E-Pioneer is Dominating Now

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The global market for deep learning is expected to grow from 2 trillion US dollars today to 30 trillion dollars by 2037, which would equate to a 1,400% increase in revenues, according to forecasts by Ark Invest. A new infographic from explores what this has to do with Tesla and in which areas the e-pioneer is already outperforming the competition. 

Tesla is much more than just a car manufacturer. As the infographic shows, the company is also engaged in energy generation and storage, among other things. Sales in this sector have risen by nearly 1,000% since 2016 to reach almost $2 billion in the Corona crisis year 2020. Tesla sells electricity storage and solar roofs, and is now tackling the German energy market with its first green energy plan. Yet that’s not all – the field of deep learning has the potential to become far more significant.

Tesla has founded Dojo, a training centre for neural networks; there are various conceivable applications for this, such as in cars, robots, drones, internet services and more. The goal is to build the world’s fastest AI training machine. Tesla already ranks sixth in the world in terms of market capitalization. Due to the AI market’s gigantic potential as well as Tesla’s stage of development, some market observers deem it realistic for Tesla to one day be the most valuable company in the world.

Tesla’s Successes

Beyond energy and high-growth future markets, Tesla can also boast impressive figures today. In 2020, there were 55.9% more news Teslas registered in Germany than in the previous year. German premium manufacturer BMW saw a decline of 13.7%, while new Volkswagen registrations were down by as much as 21.3%.

Tesla is also the top company when it comes to battery technology. In a ranking of EVs by battery range, Tesla models (Model X 100D and Model 3 Longe Range AWD) ranked first and second. The Porsche Taycan 4S Performance Plus, a German vehicle, only comes in third place, according to data from the ADAC Ecotest. Tesla also comes top in a satisfaction survey of electric car drivers, specifically for the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla’s competitors have certainly been successful in the field of electric mobility lately, but Tesla continues to benefit from the trend towards e-vehicles more than any other company. Yet while the majority of people still see Tesla as a car manufacturer, the company has long been undergoing a transformation into an AI company that could secure significant market shares in various sectors.

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