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Online Gambling Captures the Spirit of the Times: Coronavirus & Growing Interest among Women Double Operators’ Revenues


Online gambling is enjoying ever greater popularity, with the pandemic fuelling an upwards trend that was already underway. 64% of gamblers spent more time and money on gambling on the web during the pandemic, according to a new infographic by Wette.de.

But it is by no means just men who are trying their luck – quite the opposite. In the USA, women actually dominate online gambling, where the ratio is now 57% to 43%.

As the infographic shows, the industry generated global turnovers of US $66.67 billion last year. This could be just the beginning, however, with current forecasts predicting sales to exceed $100 billion by 2026.

Individual operators have recently been able to dramatically increase their revenues. Lotto24 AG, for example, generated €88 million in the crisis year 2020, compared to just €44 million in the previous year. This represents an increase of 550% compared to 2015.

Meanwhile, online gambling is especially popular in Europe. The continent accounts for 49% of the global market. Asia/Middle East is in second place with a share of 31%, whereas North America has a market share of just 12%. Rising demand is also evident in Google search volumes. The (worldwide) Google trend score for “online gambling” is currently 190% higher than 5 years ago, with the value indicating the relative search volume.

In Germany, too, the number of online gamblers is on the rise. Today, 27% of German citizens spend money on betting and gambling on a monthly basis, according to a survey by YouGov.

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