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Argos Leading Online Sports & Outdoor Retailer in UK – $541M In E-commerce Net Sales

The Sports & Outdoor segment has grown steadily over the last couple of years as an increase in awareness around health and fitness has reached an all-time high. Because of 2020’s global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens had to find alternative forms of exercise and the segment flourished as a result. As a result, according to data presented by Wette.de, Argos had the leading online store in the Sports & Outdoor segment in the UK in 2020 after generating net sales of $541M.

Argos Beats Nike and Adidas To Top Sports & Outdoor Segment In UK

As businesses were forced to shut due to lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, gymgoers around the world were forced to find alternatives ways to stay fit. Work-from-home conditions also resulted in less general exercise as citizens around the world were limited to the confines of their own homes for varying periods of time. As a result, e-commerce sales from the top 10 sports & outdoor online stores in the UK generated a total of $2.67B in 2020.

Argos’ online shop (argos.co.uk) lead among other Sports & outdoor retailers in e-commerce net sales in 2020 with $541M. This leading figure is more than $100M more than the e-commerce net sales generated by the next leading online store, sportsdirect.com which generated $423M.

Traditional sports brand giants Nike and Adidas also posted strong 2020s generating the third and fifth highest e-commerce net sales with $404M and $242M respectively. Sandwiched between them as the fourth-highest e-commerce net sales in 2020, is Amazon’s UK store (amazon.co.uk) which generated $367M in 2020.

The next five spots belong to British companies and generated combined e-commerce net sales of $696M.

Rex Pascual, editor at Wette.de, commented:

“2020 was a big year for e-commerce and the sports & outdoor segment was one that grew tremendously from it. In the UK, popular retailer, Argos, generated half a billion dollars in e-commerce net sales in 2020, beating out sporting giants like Nike and Adidas. Argos had a robust e-commerce presence well before the pandemic struck which proved to be very beneficial during the lockdowns of 2020.”

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